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I Think I’m Having a Hack Attack

Journalist Heather Brooke is quoted as saying that website hackers often describe what they do as ‘playful creative problem solving.’   Really?   If any of your websites have ever been hacked, you understand the overwhelming fear racing through your[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, San Diego Digital Marketing, Website Maintenance

WordPress Spaghetti Mess

Sad Story On about a weekly basis, we comes across hard working, educated, smart people, who have been mis-guided into paying big bucks (10’s of thousands of dollars sometimes) for a shiny new website they hate:   “My WordPress site[...]

Categories: San Diego Digital Marketing, Web Design, WordPress Developer

Why Template Design Reminds Me of Dry Toast

May I please have have a buttery mess with a splash of red jam?   Sometimes watching movies can be a challenge for me. The more visually stimulating the colors and scenery, the less I pay attention to the story.[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing Agency

Rebranding America’s Malls

Urban malls and flagship stores are struggling to adjust to the rise of eCommerce shopping and lack of foot traffic. In fact, retailers like Sears, Kmart, and Macy's are being decimated. Amazon, Walmart, and Target successfully drive sales through the[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing, Print, San Diego Digital Marketing

Happiness, connection, loneliness. What are people looking for on social media?

  We live in a day and age where society is deluged with an over abundance of media, advertising and excessive stimuli…so much so that it’s next to impossible to hold the attention of the average Joe for more than[...]

Categories: Reputation Management, Social Media

Digitally Distinct in 2019

Stuffed with holiday carbs and a sugar hangover, today I'm finally done with feeling overdone and ready to forge ahead into 2019. Calendars are flying off the shelves (I still like to glance at my paper calendar on the wall)[...]

Categories: Branding, Digital Marketing

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