Getting Your Facebook Ads to Work

Facebook is a marketing goldmine with over 2 billion users and 65 million small businesses advertisers. All those social media junkies are your potential customers so it's crucial to have a well-planned idea of how to strategically target your audience[...]

Categories:Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to Love a Small Agency

  After over 10 years of employment in the corporate and agency design scene, and another 10 on a smaller scale, I've gathered some real-life experience and feel my perspective worthy of consideration. You may think my opinion slanted because[...]

Categories:Internet Marketing, Marketing Agency

Top 2018 Website Buzzwords: Mobile Performance

  Is Your Website 2018 Ready? An outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. Cluttered design distracts visitors from the conversion point; lack of modern upgrades can make a client mistrust your business and move on. Lots of white space and[...]

Categories:Internet Marketing, Web Design

Template or Custom Website?

  Our Experience After 15+ years as web designers, engineers and developers, we feel confident in sharing our knowledge behind making this very vital decision. We've seen it all. Small business owners to C-level marketing executives tearing their hair out[...]

Categories:Internet Marketing, Web Design

The Brilliant Brillo Box

  When Warhol first came to New York, he was a commercial illustrator dreaming of becoming a famous artist. He worked for the Mad Men crowd on Madison Avenue and tried to fit in by wearing an ordinary suit. Wow![...]

Categories:Branding, Marketing Strategy, Social Media

Outside the Box

  In their book, The Blue Ocean Strategy W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne use the metaphor of red and blue oceans to describe our competitive consumer market. The central marketing strategy is to stand apart from your rivals and[...]

Categories:Branding, Marketing Strategy

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