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Keys to Low Cost Marketing

Since its inception in 1998, Google has arguably been the most important internet resource we’ve seen to date. It is a powerhouse of indexed information and is so vital to the average person’s internet experience, that the company has now[...]

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4 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics Are Key

I always sucked at math. I have never considered myself a numbers person until the last few years when I realized that the survival of my newborn, StraightFire, depended on them. Now more than ever no one can successfully run[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing, Web Design

Become a Website Hero (even if you hate technology)

Does your website already turn leads into customers? If so, you are way ahead of most of your competitors. Way to go! If not, you might need to make a few minor tweaks. Converting looky-loo’s into customers doesn’t happen automatically just because they[...]

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A Vacation From Social Media

“Planning” and “vacation” have gone together since the very wise Emily Post first advised homemakers to schedule their vacations and soirees months in advance, which is to say a long, long time. Just like most of us plan in detail[...]

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Getting Your Facebook Ads to Work

Facebook is a marketing goldmine with over 2 billion users and 65 million small businesses advertisers. All those social media junkies are your potential customers so it's crucial to have a well-planned idea of how to strategically target your audience[...]

Categories: Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to Love a Small Agency

  After over 10 years of employment in the corporate and agency design scene, and another 10 on a smaller scale, I've gathered some real-life experience and feel my perspective worthy of consideration. You may think my opinion slanted because[...]

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