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20/20 Vision

“Pay close attention to the development of AI. We need to be very careful in how we adopt AI and make sure that researchers don’t get carried away.” -Elon Musk   The Future is Among Us Some Utopians believe artificial[...]

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The Future of Web Design

Web design has been a part of our career since the 1990’s; graphic design, since before time began. We were some of the first pioneers in our field and to this date have continued to thrive through the cycles and[...]

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I Think I’m Having a Hack Attack

Journalist Heather Brooke is quoted as saying that website hackers often describe what they do as ‘playful creative problem solving.’   Really?   If any of your websites have ever been hacked, you understand the overwhelming fear racing through your[...]

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WordPress Spaghetti Mess

Sad Story On about a weekly basis, we comes across hard working, educated, smart people, who have been mis-guided into paying big bucks (10’s of thousands of dollars sometimes) for a shiny new website they hate:   “My WordPress site[...]

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Why Template Design Reminds Me of Dry Toast

Day in, day out, there’s just seems to be something missing. Every once in a while I'd like to have a buttery mess with a splash of red jam. Anyone else?   Sometimes watching movies can be a challenge for[...]

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Rebranding America’s Malls

Urban malls and flagship stores are struggling to adjust to the rise of eCommerce shopping and lack of foot traffic. In fact, retailers like Sears, Kmart, and Macy's are being decimated. Amazon, Walmart, and Target successfully drive sales through the[...]

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