WordPress Spaghetti Mess

Sad Story On about a weekly basis, we comes across hard working, educated, smart people, who have been mis-guided into paying big bucks (10’s of thousands of dollars sometimes) for a shiny new website they hate:   “My WordPress site[...]

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4 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics Are Key

I always sucked at math. I have never considered myself a numbers person until the last few years when I realized that the survival of my newborn, StraightFire, depended on them. Now more than ever no one can successfully run[...]

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Become a Website Hero (even if you hate technology)

Does your website already turn leads into customers? If so, you are way ahead of most of your competitors. Way to go! If not, you might need to make a few minor tweaks. Converting looky-loo’s into customers doesn’t happen automatically just because they[...]

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Top 2018 Website Buzzwords: Mobile Performance

  Is Your Website 2018 Ready? An outdated website can dramatically decrease conversions. Cluttered design distracts visitors from the conversion point; lack of modern upgrades can make a client mistrust your business and move on. Lots of white space and[...]

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Template or Custom Website?

  Our Experience After 15+ years as web designers, engineers and developers, we feel confident in sharing our knowledge behind making this very vital decision. We've seen it all. Small business owners to C-level marketing executives tearing their hair out[...]

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Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Ready

  By simply observing the activity at Starbuck's, I can probably bet you're reading this article from your mobile device. People in business can no longer ignore the upward trend to be front and center on the Google stage, with[...]

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